Unkind Driver👎🏾

That moment a driver lives up to the name given to him.

I got to the garage a passenger late early this morning. I dreaded sitting in the next bus because I felt it would take a while to get filled up. However, the only passenger I met in the bus at that time encouraged me to board, that the bus would likely get filled on time. He said as a matter of factly that the driver of the bus is not a ‘smesme’ person. He added that when passengers are about to get down, he(driver) would usually tell them to ‘near door’. Which suggest he could be an impatient character.

I saw him(the passenger) as one of those Lagosians who exaggerate things just to sound fascinating, until the driver proved him right.

It was time for a particular passenger to get down but she needed to collect her change. She had been calling for her change but the driver said he had none to give. The woman got down still demanding for her money. The driver said he didn’t have and there’s nothing he could do about it. He was ready to move on with a whole 400 Naira saying ‘see you tomorrow’! I was touched!

We all got furious. What effrontery! Why would he even think that way? What if that was the only money the woman had? 

I had to tell him to give the woman 500 Naira while he collects the only 50 Naira she said she had. 

I eventually didn’t have to give him the balance because someone else did, or he probably felt ashamed and didn’t bother to ask for it.

Some people can just be mean! 

No matter the situation in the country, I don’t think we should utterly be blind to kindness! If he had issues with police officers, I’m certain he would spend more than that 100 Naira. 


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