When Doing Good Pays👍🏼

I got fascinated with my driver’s story this evening, I couldn’t but share. 

He picked up a passenger around Fagba on our way to Ogba. When the young man was about to alight from the tricycle, he reached for his pocket to pay his fare but was asked by the driver not to bother.

The young man (including other passengers) surprised, wanted to know why. The driver was in turn surprised that the guy did not recognise him. He took some time (out of our own time) to explain their relationship. The guy recalled, showed appreciation and went his way.

As we journeyed, the driver started giving more details about the young man. He said the guy had been good to him at the time he (driver) worked for one of his boss who is now late. He continued that the guy being a vulcaniser would often not collect money from him when he went for tyre repairs. 

One could feel the excitement in the driver’s voice. He further said there were even days he grew hungry but the guy would often sort him out. These dates back to 2008/2009 when he(driver) was still single. 

This testimony got us hooked as we kept on ‘wowing’ and ‘ehyaing’. 

The saying, it is always good to be good came alive afresh in my heart. You never know when you get repaid for whatever you might have done either good or bad. We must as a matter of principle learn to be good all the time. It pays in the long run. 


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