Bad breath… Mouth close🙏🏾

Hmmnn! There’s nothing as embarrassing as bad breath! It upsets faster than even fart! (Did I just compare these two? Eeeww!)

I sat beside an elderly man at the front seat of a J5 bus (You know how those kind of buses make you feel as if you and the other passenger are too close for comfort…😏). It was time for the driver to collect his fare, then the worst happened! As the man turned to me to ask if I had change – Oh my goodness! The kind of odour that oozed from his mouth I couldn’t deal with it! Chei! I almost had a system upset! I couldn’t even answer him, I just shook my head.

Then I went into silent prayers to God that the man would not have any cause whatsoever to open his mouth again. If he did, I might just have fainted. Lol. It was that bad… And I couldn’t even tell him! 

I learnt about the fact that certain foods (if not all) could give you some bad breath too after a while if you don’t use water to swish or a mint, when one day a friend of mine asked (after I had exchanged pleasantries with him) if I had eaten vegetables before meeting with him that day. Surprised, I said yes then proceeded to ask why. He practically told me my mouth was smelling. I was a bit embarrassed but you know I had to know about it anyway. Thank God it was someone who cared, if not I don’t know how I would have taken that from a stranger.

So people, please try to do a ‘breath check’ every once in a while by perceive your own breath as often as you can so you won’t be found guilty of bad breath. 

Make use of water, swishing it back and forth in your mouth after every meal, have some mints or gum in your pockets. It doesn’t harm to keep yourself fresh and keeping a good memory of yours locked in the mind of people😉 whew!!!


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