Sunday blues๐ŸŽบ

That moment you feel exhausted and you dragged yourself into a tricycle but your ears could not but catch convos.

This man and I waited patiently for the third passenger to arrive. I was beginning to get weary waiting  when a lady approached the tricycle. It happened that she knew the other passenger. 

We were about leaving the park when the man asked the lady if she had 50 Naira change. The lady in turn looked at him and replied sarcastically “you go collect am?”. The man grinning, replied “yes na”. The lady got the message. Both of them kept quiet through till I alighted.

I couldn’t stop laughing in my mind. The man has no chills at all. But then I asked myself, What if she didn’t meet the man in the tricycle? Wouldn’t she have paid her own fare?

I don’t blame the man, in fact I like that he didn’t pretend. He was not shy about not having. Even if he has and he just wanted to be stingy, it’s his call.

Se fini


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