Can it be this bad?😳😭

How hard can it really get in Nigeria? Hmmn!

I boarded one of the long buses from Ikorodu on my journey to Ojota some days ago (I was running behind schedule for my outing, so I decided against queuing for BRT bus). The bus got filled along the way and the conductor started to call in those who are willing to stand for 50 naira. 

As usual, the driver waited at illegal stops to pick passengers. So this woman hopped in with her children (a teenager and a baby) however, the bus driver was too impatient to pick her hubby(I later found out through her utterance)

She began to speak out, “E je ki n bo le o. E ni to ma san owo niyen o, k’o s’owo l’owo mi o (let me get down! The person to pay couldn’t enter). 

The bus driver didn’t bulge until he got to the next bus stop. He was still trying to match his break when the teenager with the baby jumped out! What we feared happened… Both fell from the bus. Thankfully, the little child landed on her sister… 

Back in the bus, the blame game started. Some passengers were of the opinion that the driver should have waited on time, some others blamed the woman and child for not being patient. On and on it went… Then it died down! 

I began to think, has it gotten this bad? That even 100naira fee could not be afforded? 

Please I don’t mean to sound insensitive, but I heard one of the passengers saying she saw some Naira notes with the said woman 

That was expensive risk! What if the baby had not landed on her sister? The woman would have regretted it. Unfortunately, the driver was not even ready to stop to check whether the people he dropped were in good state or otherwise. 

I think we really need to weigh our actions all of the time. The worst thing that would’ve happened would have been the woman suffering some form of harassment from the conductress! Wouldn’t that be okay than spending more on nursing injuries that may have occurred due to the fall? 
#justsaying #Nigeriagosurvive


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