A Psychopath or an Officer?😏😑

I’m still in bewilderment at the thought of the act that played out right in my presence some days ago! 

On my way back from Sango Ota, I experienced man’s inhumanity to man.

The driver of the bus I boarded wanted to drop off a passenger at a seemingly illegal bus stop when haven sighted a force man decided against it. 

Notwithstanding, the Officer stopped him and demanded for the key to his bus. Unfortunately, the bus is a ‘wired ignitioned’ (if there’s any English like that) bus that had no keys. 

The next thing that happened caught me unawares! The Naval officer started to beat the driver with ‘koboko’ while saying he shouldn’t try it again. He did not intend to stop save for the transferred aggression he pulled on a passerby who told the driver to ‘beg na’! 

The Naval officer ran towards the ‘innocent’ man like he was a criminal and continued beating on him until a man came close and implored the officer to desist.

Is it recession or the fact that he couldn’t get any ‘bribe’ from the driver that caused this rather insane attitude? Or is it sheer provocation? And to think that the officer is a young chap!

You could conclude that what the driver did was wrong, but I bet you, the officer’s response was out of place.

What passengers will cause though… 

Now I’d stop to blame drivers when they don’t yield to passengers’ emotional blackmails…

These questions still tug at my heart. What is a Naval officer doing on the road? Is that his job description? Please I need answers.


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