Seat or Chair?

I learnt a new distinction in the bus today o. The difference between a seat and a chair. Lol.

To the Northern woman with Lagos mindset seated close to me, she’s sitting on a chair and not a seat, therefore, she’s not meant to pay the fare every other person paid. 

Though joking, I guess if the driver had concurred, she’d have gladly paid 50naira less the amount. Everyone’s looking for ways to cut expenses.

Truth be told the ‘addendum’ called extra seat that these drivers put in their Siennas are not always comfortable. But then, what can they do? Ends must meet! 

I guess we must keep our prayers up for our country, so that when things have gotten better, passengers can then begin to say no to these inconveniences.

Gone are those days when two people shared the front seat and four to five persons sat on rows in buses. 

Thanks to the Fashola administration who lawed off this practice in the system. I’m hoping this doesn’t return soon enough because everywhere you turn, people keep shouting recession!


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