Annoyingly Melodramatic πŸ˜‘πŸ‘Ί


It was last week Friday when we boarded a bus on our way to Ketu from Ojodu Berger expressway. The journey went smooth until suddenly we had a blast! One of the front tyres got burst (driver’s side).

Oh, you should have been there to experience the way some women burst out in shouts of “yeeeee” “haaaaaaaa” “eeeeeeeooooo”.

There was a particular one who sat directly at the back of my friend. She held his shirt so tightly around the neck and kept reeling on top of her voice as if he was the cause of the incident.

Some of us got so pissed off that we shouted her down.

When she realised she had become a nuisance, she turned her “yeeeee” to “Jeeeesuuus” in a more calming way (What were you thinking before?)! Grrrhhh!

Her shouts were so uncalled for trust me. True, the situation at hand got us a bit shaken, however, shouting was not the solution. That’s how some others get to lose their lives due to shock.

In all of the drama that ensued, the driver was focused on getting the bus to a safe halt. He succeeded. We all alighted while he and the conductor went round to replace the condemned tyre.

It was the express, we couldn’t have gotten another bus at that time of the day (it was close of work period when buses get filled from the park) so we had to wait.


By the way, we were too eager to get to our destination on time that we didn’t get to scrutinize the bus we had entered. It was at the point of taking a shot that I realized it was an old, beat-up bus Choi! Thank God for deliverance. Another lesson learnt!

We got back into the bus. The driver started “Nkan ti m’o se like ki n ma gbe obirin si’waju niyen” (that’s why I don’t like to put females beside me). Some men concurred. The reason is not far fetched. If it was that woman who sat beside him, she probably would have struggled with the driver on the steering due to fear.

Well, that may be true, but not all females are rough and fazed!


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