Simple Rule… Itchy Ears!

I wonder if one is supposed to be told to make use of the visible newly constructed pedestrian bridge at Ojodu Berger in Lagos State.


I boarded a bus from the express road at Ojodu Berger and I heard someone (I presumed it was the conductor telling the driver) in vernacular “won n mu yan o, maa gba be o” (officers are on rampage, do not take that place).

This conversation went on and on until I got to find out it was actually a passenger in front making a call to inform the person at the other end of the call not to cross the expressway but take the bridge because KIA Officials are there to arrest offenders.

Then I thought, why do some of us keep behaving like animals. I remember vividly over the years, majority lamented anytime accidents happened on the expressway and would usually accrue it to lack of pedestrian bridge at this same area. So why have some refused to make use of what was erected there for their good. Moreover, why is abiding by simple rules difficult for some of us?

Hmmnn! I realized we are prone to the ideology of shortcuts in this part of the world.

May I just chip in that shortcuts are not short in the long run…. Please be guided.I’m


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