All Na Packaging!!!πŸ˜†πŸ˜‚

Please before you guys label me aproko o…

I was saddled between two ladies who started this conversation about shipping. They didn’t even put into consideration that I might not be interested in their chatter!

They went on and on.

Apparently, they saw something online and wanted to order for it (the Jumia, Konga, Efritin etc tinz). One asked the other if she searched for the goods and how much it cost. The other replied in the affirmative, saying the good goes for 3,500 Naira. Next, I consciously waited to hear what shipping company they’d call and the amount to be paid for the so called shipping (just curious o).

The one responded that the ‘shipping’ will likely be 1,500 Naira.

My head went Hmmnn! What type of shipping is that? which country is the good coming from, and in what quantity? It was when she spoke further I realized she was trying to say “delivery fee”. Ooga!

When I perceived the way their conversation was going, I knew one of them was just trying to form ‘bigs girl’ (in Jenifer’s voice).

Abeg, babes, when trying to form ‘tush’, learn to use the right vocabulary bIko, before you ‘fall your own hand by yourself’. I rest my case.


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