Spoilt brat!πŸ˜ πŸ˜³πŸ˜•

How are we raising children in this part of the world?

In the process of collecting bus fare, the conductor of the long bus we boarded from Ojota to Ikorodu got to know about a boy who did not have the correct transport fare sat down so comfortably.

The conductor was taken aback- someone had to get down because she thought there was no seat available.

The boy who I’m sure had it in mind to beg the conductor did so. “se bi mo se ma pa woo yen niyen ni…” (will I make my money that way?) the conductor responded. A passenger seated next to the boy also had to scold him. “Se l’o ye ko mu standing ni…” (You were supposed to stand when you knew you had incomplete fare). The boy quickly took dressing and did as was instructed.

I questioned in my heart, omo boy, didn’t you notice the two ‘big boiz’ beside you who had to put themselves on each other’s laps just to avoid this kind of embarrassment? Hmmnn!

The conductor collected what the boy had and moved on.

Few minutes later, he (conductor) came back and instructed the boy to sit.

That was pleasant of him.

Enikeni ti iwo ba ni’pa lati se iranlowo fun o, oun na l’enikeji re, tooju re. (He whom you have the wherewithal to render help to, do it for him)

Just when I thought the story had ended, another boy entered at another bus stop and sat down. The conductor as usual asked for his fare, he replied ” mi o mu owo jade” (literally saying I did not come out of my house with money, do your worst).

My eyes were wide open! What effrontery! I didn’t know when I mumbled in disgust. How did we get here? Where are the manners?

I guess the conductor woke up from the good side of the bed, because I can imagine what he would’ve done to both of them. Crazy conductors don’t care who board or not board their buses as long as they have their correct fares.


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