When Selfie meets Business📷💰

That moment you want to quickly take a selfie before any other passenger get into the tricycle (girls can take pictures anywhere sha, na wa.. That’s not me though. Lol).

I entered a tricycle with only one passenger (the selfie babe). I noticed her phone was camera ready to take the said selfie but couldn’t either because I got in at the time or the keke was not steady enough for a good shot.

She left the phone in that state for a long time I started thinking ‘na by force?’

I guess the thought of wanting to sell some of her wares to me distracted her from her selfie ambition.

Anyway she summoned courage to show me what she had for sale (it was what I needed, voila). I bought, I told her what I do (makeup artistry). She said she was a costumier. Hmmnn, interesting! We Exchanged numbers. #nodulling.

We got down at the last bus stop, I fixed my gaze on her as she walked past (obviously checking out her ensemble) and was a bit comfortable. Not that I doubt her, just wanted to be sure (her dressing lends credence to her claims) #veryimportant



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