Survival of the fittest..πŸ’°πŸ‘πŸ‘Š

Lagosians’ street advert game is getting stronger by the day.

We (passengers) sat patiently waiting for our bus to get filled when this man came calling. He started out by saying he’s a business Administration graduate but “you know as government no fit provide for everybody…” he took to the streets.

He introduced his Video comedy in English, Yoruba and Igbo. It was as though the breeze was blowing it past our ears.

When he realised nobody was in the mood for his ‘stories’ he made a detour.
“Everybody no send me here o. E be like say nobody send me here o”, only then did people start patronising him.
He didn’t get so much patronage but to him, it was a good start out. Na wa!

Then came another one. Hian!

I sighed (he caught my reaction). “Are you angry?” (The question was directed at me but I didn’t respond).

“I have something I will give you to take to make you laugh!” He continued. He was so serious and undeterred. “Let somebody slap you and you see you’ll start laughing after you don use the thing”

I didn’t know when I and some other passengers bursted into laughter when he brought out the freegels like sweet he was about to sell.

He went a step further to tell of its benefits and who can use it.

His approach endeared people to him that he sold as much and I couldn’t stop wondering.

I have known that man for years now selling different kind of things and he has not given up. Whao!


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