After all the ‘epp’…!😳😜

That moment a tricycle driver tries to help two teenagers.

The tricycle was already filled. The only available space was the one beside the driver (which we all know is unlawful to put somebody there). Situation cum reality make drivers do so though.

Alright, so the driver was ready to help, thinking it was only one of them transiting, alas they answered in the negative. How do we do this?

He actually devised an idea to accommodate one on his right and the other on his left, which was a bit risky but hey… Dunno! It was just for a short distance.

The interesting thing, however was that by the time the boys got to their bus stop, one of them handed the driver 50 Naira (which the driver gladly collected) with the intention of collecting change! What the …! After all the epp? Where do they get this notion of entitlement from? Teenagers will never cease to amaze me. #smh



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