Summer Holiday Adventure🏄.

As I got to Agindigbi area of Lagos this morning, I noticed a boy from a senior grammar school in that area (he had his school uniform on, which suggests he was meant to be in school) putting on a skate shoe, strolling along the road.

Interestingly a LASTMA Official was bent on laying his hands on him. His reason was not far fetched. The boy had fallen twice as a result of his inability to spin in it appropriately. Moreover, he could cause road hazard for road users.

This scenario triggered a recall of a thought that has been brewing in my head before now.

I think it is high time government education board revisited their schedules/programmes for summer holidays (that’s if they’ve not started thinking about it). Learning shouldn’t be all crude and all academic.

I bet if that school boy has a privilege of choosing what activity to engage in during this holiday, he will gladly opt for talent exploration kind of summer lesson. This will help explore and harness such skills he might have.

The movie Coach Carter made me realise that when you attend to students skills need, you automatically attend to their academic needs. They are both interwoven.

Let’s take a cue from some private schools and begin to give our public school students opportunity to be thorough in breed.


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