Hmmnn! my Lagos people sha..

The driver of the ‘shanko’ bus I entered earlier turned the car radio up like we were in a night club. Shoo. When I couldn’t bear it anymore, I spoke up in a gentle but firm voice. The driver behaved and turned it downed a bit.

One of the passengers, a guy (apparently loving the noise) turned back and asked if I could bear it now. As if the woman beside me was waiting for someone to bell the cat, the anger at which she fired back at the guy ehn, even I was totally embarrassed.

Jo yi kini lo sile, gbogbo enyan le ro pe o like ki music maa pariwo bi tiyin ni (please please, turn it down completely. Do you think it’s everyone who loves to listen to loud music as you) she delivered.

The guy just turned back, eyes straight, lol, while the driver tried to turn down the volume still, then up it went again. However, bearable.

subsequently, I got disinterested (for her attitude sake), she on the other hand went back to her mute mode.

My question is, why did she have to wait for someone else(me) to speak out before she had courage to ‘attack’ the driver? What if I didn’t make that request, would she have still acted the way she did?

There are ways you make request(s) that would either make the other person grant it or do otherwise regardless of who is right or wrong.



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