Tip on the go!

I might just have escaped being one chanced again this time.

It was a bright and beautiful today. I and my girls had a long day in church though (which is always the case…).

It was time to go home.

As we waited in front of the church in Ogba, a yellow bus with four men approached us with the usual “Ogba, wole Ogba”. One of us who was eager to go home asked us to go with the bus. I, seeing and recognising the formation declined with an obvious “I know your kind” expression. The guys having understood zoomed off.

The eager one of my girls wondered at my reactions. I started to educate her on being security conscious while I followed the bus with my gaze.

Few distance away, I saw the driver stopped to pick some three other guys. The way these guys crossed the road to enter the bus suggested to me they may be working together in this one chance business.

I pointed this out to my girls. If there is any lesson I learnt from the one chance saga I experienced, it is never to join a bus where the so called conductor has no money to flash!

Please if the conductor of a bus does not brandish the money he has collected so far from passengers (Like the picture below), DO NOT ENTER THE BUS BIKO!


I know it is God who protects but you know once beaten, hundred times shy! #nuffsaid

Picture credit: Naij.com


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Steve says:

    Thanks dear, i sure will be on the lookout, nice work you are doing, God will surely lift you higher.


    1. daughtozi says:

      Amen, thank you. I’ glad it helped. Cheers


  2. TPenner says:

    Lol! Thank God for His protection always! And discernment!

    Buh is it also possible for a “one-chancer” to flash some “change?!


    1. daughtozi says:

      They’ve not thought of that idea yet. This is my observation for over 8months. However, some genuine conductors don’t always flash their monies. Thanks


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