That moment you chattered away till you missed your bus stop! Choi!
This ‘brother’ and ‘sister’ entered the BRT bus going to Agege with the aim of getting down at Ikeja Along, only for the sister to ask if we’ve gotten to Ikeja when the bus had almost gotten to the last bus stop… hahaha
couldn’t help but laugh o. When you knew you are not familiar with the area, why didn’t you tell the next person for the sake of you being reminded, just so to avoid a situation like this one? I voiced.
I bet some of us have found ourselves in such mess before. Please, you need not ‘form’ when you are not familiar with an area o…
Now this is penny wise pound foolish… money that was supposed to have been kept was now used to join another bus back to Ikeja. I hope they did not miss again though. #justsaying
By the way, I loved the way this woman drove the BRT bus today. She was calm, fast, yet steady. I couldn’t help but take a parting picture of her.


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