Some Nigerians and their self righteousness! Chai.

After a long day, I joined a bus going to Agege area from Oshodi. On the journey, a lady was so harassed with calls. Apparently, she was behind schedule…

She picked one of the calls and lied about where she was and capped her conversation with “walahitalahi”. Hmmnn! The older lady beside her chipped cynically “I didn’t know one could lie and still say walahitalahi”. The younger lady burst into laughter just so she could cover up the guilt.

Some minutes later, the older lady who scolded the younger lady also received a call. I perceived through her response that she was being pestered, hence she lied that she was driving.

My mind went Hmmnn! With my eyes wide open in bewilderment. Were you not scolding someone about lying just now?

I guess something reminded her of the blunder she just committed. She immediately added “that’s my own walahitalahi”. People laughed it off (like we always do. Sad though).

I didn’t know what to make of what happened other than the fact that we need to watch ourselves. You will be tested by the same thing which you judged others. Not that I support the younger lady but…


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