Some days ago while having a chat with a friend, she remembered her encounter a day before as a commuter and was eager to share on this platform! Enjoy:

The Badagry express way is usually manned by all sort of uniformed men. Sometimes, you can hardly tell which is which, because they merely put on a polo shirt.

My concern really is, that the rate of corruption in some part of the country seem to be on the rise, owing to the fact that little attention is given to such communities.

I needed to be in my hometown as usual (Badagry), so I joined a bus from the popular Okoko bus stop. The journey went smooth and easy until the bus drove a little after mowo bus stop where policemen take their ‘stand’.

Looking at these men at work, one would have been impressed by the way they stood, flagging down buses to slow down and pull over for search (that’s if you are new in Nigeria though)

Our driver was flagged down but having an idea of what the police men wanted, he aggressively slowed down. Indeed one of the officers demanded for ‘something’, our driver barked “no”.

At first I didn’t get the point, only for the officer to delay the driver and ordered him to come down from the bus. Our driver obeyed yet refused to give anything. All I did was pray for the driver because I know such defiance could lead to something else.

He later explained why… His vehicle papers and drivers license were complete and intact.

To my utmost surprise, fellow passengers started shouting at the driver. Angered up, I had to chip in, must the driver pay for a crime he didn’t commit just because you feel delayed getting to your destination?

Again and again, I stand on the point that We are our own enemies! Nigerians, must begin to see things differently than judge selfishly. We must also be purged of every spirit of impatience. Kai!

My consolation for that day was the fact that an illiterate driver could stand his ground, refusing to be a part of corruption. He was my MVP!

Story/photo credit: Sarah Whenu

Diary Of A Lagos Commuter's photo.

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