Some Drivers are often too eager to give Uniformed men (Policemen, Army officials, Naval officers etc) a lift especially through routes where there are some Policemen (irritants) and agberos, who in my opinion siphon drivers’ hard earned money in the name of NURTW fee.

The way and manner in which the conductor guarded the front seat for this particular Policeman in the picture below reminded me of an encounter some days ago.


As is custom, my driver was quite eager to give an Army official a lift from Maryland, Lagos.

From one bus stop to another, the agberos kept coming at the conductor like swarm of bees. The conductor and driver having been empowered acted like the agberos were nonentities (aren’t they?)‪#‎mawojuuchekindofattitude‬. At other times, they rained abuses accordingly.

It got to a point in the journey (Onipanu bus stop), the Army official, puzzled had to ask how many times and how many of them (agberos) are collecting money per time.

It was obvious this particular official is a JJC in Lagos (his uniform was that of the one usually worn by security forces fighting against BH… Your guess is as good as mine!)

The ‘Naive’ official may not be aware that’s the singular most important reason for having a free ride in the first place. Lol



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