Medical symptoms or Spiritual something?


It’s not all who appear normal that are actually 100% sane o, Hmmnn!

I boarded a tricycle going to Ikeja this morning. As the journey progressed, I became uncomfortable. I wondered why, then I noticed the guy beside me was the cause. He squeezed me to the side. I tried to figure out why. When I couldn’t, I spoke up ‘please adjust yourself’. He responded to my request.

Before long he repeated what he did earlier. This time around, it was obvious something was bothering him. Now curious, I observed a little while and realised the the third person made him behave so.

He (the third passenger) talked to himself audibly but incoherently. At other times, His disposition would look like there was someone in front of him talking back.

I observed keenly, he was well dressed. In fact he had his office ID card on his neck (a renowned organisation).

I felt so helpless! I just looked on while he rambled on till he got to Ikeja. I found out his destination was UBA bank at Oba Akran, Ikeja (he mentioned it). Then I thought “this man would have just entered the bus going to that route from Ogba instead of this long journey”. Anyway, now I understand his predicament.

By the time we got down (the second passenger got down pretty earlier) I kept my eyes on him as he walked on and rambled on still. Is this a medical issue or spiritual something? what will become of him? I wondered!


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