I came out this morning and noticed the streets (Ogba axis) were devoid of hawkers and even shops owners did not extend their wares outside their shops in their usual manner.

I became curious.

I only got to know why after the broadcast below went out:

The Lagos State Governor has gone on air (TVC) this morning to announce that the laws on Street Trading in Lagos State will be strictly enforced from today, July 1, 2016..

Both Seller and Buyer are equally guilty and the penalty is #90,000 or 6 months imprisonment or both. Please note and abstain from buying from Street Hawkers.

You may please put this information on your Family Chat Forum for wider publicity.

The question of how these category of people will cope with the economic situation in the country comes to fore!

It’s kinda dicey. however, It is better to be on the right side of the law. To be forewarned…

Have yourselves a lawful new month fellow commuters. Xoxo



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  1. benosas blog says:

    Nice post @rolibeau dis just shows dat no more street hawking of any kind…and I was expecting sometin of dis nature of late due to some nonchalant attitude by d traders….


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