Playing the cards right♠️

I had the privilege of getting a tricycle as soon as I got out of my house (I didn’t have to get to the bus stop. The only snag here is you are at the mercy of the driver’s quest for passenger as he continues to wait for others to practically come out of their houses to board too). Though, for me it’s sometimes preferable than going all the way up (my area’s topography ain’t encouraging sometimes)

Having moved back and forth and got no passenger, the driver trying to make a turn for the bus stop got flagged down by a woman. She had two children and a matured help who already entered the keke when she (the woman) asked if the driver had 1000 naira change. He replied in the negative (but you could see that the driver was not willing to let them go).

She, also determined to board the tricycle said she would have chartered the keke but for me already boarded. I stayed calm to hear what the driver would say.

As perceived, the driver replied he would put me in another keke when we got to the bus stop. I did not utter a word, I didn’t know why. Or perhaps I wanted to see what the woman’s response would be (at this point, the help and children already got down).

She pointed out to the driver that he couldn’t do that to me because it’s my right, since I boarded the keke first. Ok that got me, she played the cards right.

Looking at the cute ones she had with her, I decided to go with the driver’s option. She appreciated it and they all entered.

While in the keke, the older of the children felt she was squeezed in between two adults, so she cried out “this place is too tight”. “Is this your first time of entering a keke?”, “learn to accommodate” her mother replied. She didn’t stop until space was created (I don’t blame her o, she has to be comfortable).

The next thing she asked was “what’s that smell” I was amused ” what a child” I thought. Her mother trying to quieten her “have you said thank you? (Referring to the fact that someone gave them an opportunity to board). “I only asked, what’s that smell”. Hahaha. When she saw that her mother could take the matter up with her, she continued ” I smell water…”

Well, she did say thanks. Then rested her head on my arms, oh I fell in love with her! That was a sharp girl there. I enjoyed my little time in there. I couldn’t stop imagining the kind of drama that will constantly ensue in their home. She is about the age of 5. A handful I must say. Lol


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