Not a good one!

Remember my write up about the new BRT, it’s innovations and how I love to ride in them?

I couldn’t wait for one of them today so I boarded one of the old ones.

Having entered, I noticed it also had a ‘tv screen’ showing a comedy programme. Hmmm!

The irony was we couldn’t enjoy the programme because he also had music blaring from his stereo simultaneously, like someone who’s been starved.

Passengers had to tell him to turn down its volume because he could hardly hear the people say ‘owa’

My take: please learn from experts, step up in your acts as drivers abeg. For how long will you be razz?


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  1. Nigerian drivers do not see themselves as professionals in their own right. They act like touts. Perhaps, if graduates professionalize the trade, things will shape up. Noise is a big pollution killing Lagosians. Commuting through or via musically vibrating BRT or whatever is available, is a corpse in itself, for already-dying, noise-polluted souls. Lagos noise is a social problem that must be tackled as such. I keep wondering if I can ever board those BRT, Danfos, etc, again. Eko O ni baje o


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