See me see people o…

It’s quite interesting how people who are supposed to be your ‘Facebook friends’ tend to give you cold shoulders when you meet or bump into one another physically.

Questions then pops up in my mind; Is it that they don’t recognize you (in broad day light), or they are too shy to approach you, or…?

This very guy out of many other people I’ve encountered, is an Alumnus of my Alma mata LASUAASOC.

We happened to board the same bus around Ojota area. Our eyes met because I looked over to his side (we were seated on the same role and I was waiting to see that welcoming look so I could say hello) but he pretended not to know me.

The omo Eko that I am, I just did an angle 45 degrees, eyes right (Good riddance…). Make he no go think say I bin wan find friend by force.

Well, I guess I shall start to confront people now (to help me stem all doubts and thoughts) or better still unfriend them.

Se mo wi ire? (Abi no be so?)


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