Striking a balance!

That moment you realise your safety during a journey is not solely or necessarily dependent on the driver.

I boarded a bus earlier and happened to witness the driver unwrap a paper (I sat in the front seat, I had ample view). I was curious but waited patiently to see what was in it.

It turned out to be his medication.

Apparently, the driver wasn’t feeling well.

The drugs were so many that I began to question in my heart why he couldn’t stay home to rest. Then again I supplied the answer to my rhetorical question – He has to make ends meet. I would have engaged him in my usual manner but I wanted to save him any embarrassment.

Although he sounded sharp in speech, his countenance betrayed him. Throughout the journey, different thoughts flooded my head. What if he becomes weak on the way? What if the stress of the day overtakes him? What if….?

Because of his health, he couldn’t behave in their usual manner on the roads, he drove so carefully but with skill so that passengers didn’t have to say he is slow.

Many of us are like this man, sometimes sick yet choose work over health.

I really do hope we get to a place of understanding that will help us live a wholesome life really, because work will still continue after health is gone! Be wise!!!


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