BRT Alert!!!

imageBoarding the new BRT buses as a means of transportation en route Ikorodu is fast becoming a hobby for me.

The comfort and tranquil I enjoy is unparalleled. Passengers now have that feel of relaxation even in traffic. Some sleep away without fear; you get to enjoy fresh and cool atmosphere (the ACs still work) lol,

Then there’s the BRT TV where adverts, musicals, vox pop and entertainment programmes are aired round the clock. Interestingly, while typing away this story, I looked up in time to read on the screen an info about a BRT commuter who gave birth to a baby girl. Whao! A commuter being celebrated. I am awed!

I must say it’s a very laudable concept in transportation. Now I’m not trying to advertise for Lagos State government, nevertheless, when a govt does something deserving of praise, let’s applaud her. Go team BRT.

I however hope this innovation is maintained because the bane of every government policies have always been lack of maintenance culture.

This brings me to saying It’s high time we Nigerians (public servants and private individuals) became more patriotic (our actions must depict it) because good or bad, Nigeria remains our country, the earlier we understand the import of this, the better. Go Lagos! Go Nigeria!


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