When laws are enforced…

It was interesting how task force paid a visit to an eatery next to Unity bank at Ita-eko in Abeokuta earlier today. My team and I was there for a business seminar. The task officials were furious about the state of drainage (gutter) in front of their stead. To cut the long story short, the ‘eatery’ was given a one hour ultimatum to clear up the affected areas, with dire consequence to follow if not adhered to.

To my surprise, some of the workers immediately got to work, and before I knew it, the gutters were worked on. Some minutes later, one of the task officials returned to inspect as promised but was not satisfied. He gave them an order to evacuate the sand from the gutters, which they did. I had my fill taking pictures. Then I thought, why do we have to wait to be told what to do or disgraced before we do what we know is right?
‪#‎LagosdiaryinAbeokuta‬ ‪#‎Abeokutavibes‬


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