Easy, Pedestrian!

Lagos Pedestrians and their entitlement mentality! Hian! you see them cross the roads like it was only made for them. Even when it is not right and lawful, they cross with such gusto. Some will practically walk in front of on coming vehicles with a ‘hit me and see what will happen to you’ or ‘you no see say I wan cross’ expression on their faces. Before you start to justify your actions, please o, Emi o laaro o (life does not have duplicate or spare o). Try to use the pedestrian bridge. However, if you find yourselves on roads without bridges, do the needful. The ‘look right, left and right again’ training given to us when we were younger still applies. You don’t want to imagine the fierceness of the abuse they hurl at anybody, be it driver, conductor, or passengers who try to ‘word’ them off the road. Anyways, there’s little one can do, and that’s what I’ve done!

#warning… Zebra crossing in Lagos is not necessarily what it is in other parts of the world o. Ehn! Erm, we shall surely get it right one day!

Confession time.. If you have never been on this side of the action say Nay!




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  1. So many lives have been lost as people ignored that ageless thumb rule of looking left, right, and left again before crossing the road. For instance, I can’t count the number of lives lost at the Onipanu Bus stop, sometimes even very close to the Bridge which I believe has now been modernized up for pedestrians. Nigerians need to care a longer hoot about their lives. It is easy to stay alive. Just follow the rules.

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    1. daughtozi says:

      Flouting rules has done more harm than good. I agree. Thanks


  2. Flouting rules is how life rocks in Nigeria, and of course, in Lagos! We need CHANGE! Maybe in 2019 though…things will change!


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