Standing my ground!

See me see driver o. I got into a keke Napep (did I hear you say Rolake and keke sha. Well, na the fastest and compact means now aside okada o) at one of their parks in Ikeja and told the driver before hand that I had 500 naira. In fairness to the driver, he said he doesn’t know if he would get change, he however didn’t tell me to get down. I was the first to board…when the keke eventually got filled up, another passenger brought out 500 naira, driver began to rant. As he did, the passenger was smart enough to collect 100 naira from somebody else, which left me at the mercy of the driver. He insisted I must come down, I declined politely, which didn’t cause interference from others (I didn’t know I could be stubborn at times ‪#‎coveringeyes‬). I was pissed cos I was the first to occupy the keke, moreover somebody else thought she was smart. The driver went on and on. When the ‘smart’ babe saw I wasn’t going to bulge, she gave me 100naira to pay the fare. I thanked her. We got to the last bus stop, bought something and refunded her money.


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