Half caste…Lagos Keke+Ogun state plate number

I’m sure one of our early morning prayers is that God will take away every hindrance on our way. So I took this keke napep o, he said the fare is 100 naira as opposed to 50naira the usual fare. I didn’t argue because I needed to get going. Then he got past grammar school bus stop, the road leading to Ojudu berger where FRSC office is located and parked. We (passengers) wondered why he did so, we further thought it was because he had a passenger beside him (which is against the law). He left us in his keke with “I want to go and see those there” (referring to the VIO officials). Shoo! We all were pissed off. It was then that another keke napep driver made us understand that our driver is prone to arrest because his plate number reads Ogun state. I just had to take a shot. Why have some of us refused to learn? We have a penchant for breaking simple laws. Thank God I hadn’t paid him. However, since I agreed on paying 100naira, I had to give one of the passengers 50 naira(she had already paid) to make up for the distance I already covered and used the other half to get me to my destination. You won’t believe that this same driver was seen meddling in another person’s affair some distance away!


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  1. Hide says:

    WONDERFUL!!! Orisirisi for Lagos!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. daughtozi says:

      Na so we see am o


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