Am I An Aproko?

What are we not going to see and hear from passengers eh! I met a guy in the tricycle I boarded. He looked like one cool ‘nigga’ until we got to a bus stop and another guy with his ‘wife’ (as we refer to our fiancé in obodo naija) entered the keke. The guy who just entered looked back and saw the other one, realizing he is a fellow he knew greeted him in igbo dialect (omo language dey sweet o, chai) although, I didn’t understand fully, I could make out what they were saying. Trust me, those who know me can testify of that ability of mine. It got to a point in the conversation that the other guy introduced his ‘wife’ to the cool ‘nigga’ sitted beside me, he greeted her warmly, then turned back to the guy and said ‘oh boy, you too small o! wife for where ‘(he was teasing him), the other guy replied, time don reach o… the conversation switched to igbo again, they all laughed over it. When he got to his bus stop, he got down. Guess what, the nigga who called another a small boy did not pay his tfare o, it was the ‘small boy’ that footed the bill. And to think that he was dressed with his trousers really sagged below his bum. Both the ‘small boy’ and his ‘wife’ were disappointed at his appearance! Hian!






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  1. Rockdweller says:

    Great on but na gossip you be sha!

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    1. daughtozi says:

      Aaaww! that means all of us are gossips! lol! As long as we cause a paradigm shift in our world, that’s just fine. Thank you for visiting. Kfb. cheers.

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      1. Rockdweller says:

        That’s my presido of life!

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