Sometimes, comfort takes second place

It’s another hectic traffic situation in Lagos this morning as is custom. However, for me, it is not the time to select cars to board or not to board. A car came and people weren’t willing to enter, even I, but judging by the glaring traffic situation, I had to. A fellow who knew I usually declined entering the kind of car I rode in today was surprised but I told her it’s comfortable. She nodded to express “if you say so” . Almost immediately, the man at the other end of the seat said but for the small statured school girl in the middle, it would have been uncomfortable. The school girl who happens to be a cousin to the little friend I made some days ago uttered “if not that I am late, I would have waited for my Aunt” (referring to Praise’s mom). Moreover, she narrated how she had been ‘choked’ once because she sat beside a ‘very fat woman’. Lol.


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