You don jam my car…oyinbo repete.

This night, I appreciate my slim nature more than ever. Imagine me squeezed in between one pot bellied man and an average built man! Whew! After a long day, I couldn’t but enter the next available space bus home. No time to do selection as is my custom. I just respected myself and endured the small space left for me. Thank God I fit in. I finally got respite when I groaned to indicate that I was uncomfortable. One thing is sure, I must spread out my suit to air before washing! Y’all get the drift! Then the unimaginable happened! The driver of the space bus I entered damaged another’s side mirror. He said he wasn’t intentional but the owner of the camry car refused any explanation or apology whatsoever. He said that’s the third one he is buying with his own money so he has to collect his 5k. No more sorry o, he said ‪#‎lobatan‬! Driver has no money to give but he offered to repair it when he gets to a particular bus stop. The man knowing lagos inhabitants for who they are refused blatantly! he said if that’s the case, he wants the driver’s driver’s license. Gbege! Driver can’t afford that risk. Passengers waded in but did not help matters at all. They kept going back and forth until I finally got a better alternative. At least I escaped from the earlier squeeze!


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