Okada and Police Tales

I managed to drag my tired self into a cab, along the trip one of the passengers began to share the story of how his bike ‘okada’ was ‘obtained’ by policemen from where he parked it. According to him, people who witnessed the scene lend their voices, saying the bike is not for commercial purpose but it fell on deaf ears. With a tone of voice that sounded like the hurt story teller resigning to fate, he continued ‘ I was told it has been taken to Alausa and I’m not ready to beg anybody’. I asked where the incident happened, he replied ‘ogudu’. Giving more information about the ‘activities’ that go on in some of the police stations, he offered and another passenger buttressed that ‘police have the habit of separating old okadas from those that look relatively new. The latter eventually becomes sold or become station useful… The driver, disgusted uttered, power bikes are supposed to banned rather than okadas because they give robbers easier right of passage (they are faster in speed). In all of this, I was overwhelmed with the exposé! It got me thinking ‘ when are we going to get it right in this part of the world’. This is an indictment against the police.


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