Banking Hall Palaver

Nigerians almost always like to think they can outsmart another. As is the usual situation in banks at the beginning of months, the queue was long but bearable. While I waited on the queue, I noticed the guy who was supposed to be at my back suddenly became the one to be attended to! What the… trust me, I tapped him and asked “you’re at my back right?” “yes” he answered. I just wanted to be sure. That exposition made the rightful ‘owner’ of the space on the queue begin to para.
The impostor: I park my car for where dem fit tow am
Rightful owner: (shaking his head in disagreement) No, no
Impostor: I go carry you for my car. (RO still adamant) you are a big man now!
Rightful Owner: (no response).
That was how it ended. The guy eventually waited for his turn. That brain of his didn’t work afteral!


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