“Use Your Church Mind”

That moment when you know you don’t have ‘change’ and you entered the cab(or bus or what you will) like it’s the driver’s business to get you change all the time(change here means the balance you collect after you have paid your transport fare). It was a fully Air-conditioned Sienna bus and I couldn’t think of missing out of that luxury this morning. As I handed the driver the 500 naira (after he had collected about 2 more 500 nairas denominations), he said “you people no dey use your church mind at all. You suppose don buy 200 naira recharge card abi water make you fit get change” I couldn’t but chuckle(not loud though) and replied “is that a joke or something?”. Guess he did not hear my response, he continued “people know say I no dey vex…” Since I knew I wasn’t getting down until the last bus stop, I did not respond to his wailings! See me o, I eventually gave him the only 100 naira in my purse and collected my 500 Naira… I took his advice… 200 Naira recharge card. lol



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