Air Freshener

I was in a shuttle waiting for it to be filled with passengers when I noticed the driver wiping his dashboard and mirror (both rear and side) with an air freshener (block type). I thought it was weird, so I asked the driver, to be sure he knew what he was doing. He answered in the affirmative. I also wanted to know why he did that. He said he needed to have a good smell in the shuttle. I asked how that is possible with what he has done, he replied since his shuttle does not have AC, he was going to put on the air subtly so that the effect of the freshener can be felt. ‪#‎hmmnn‬! ‪#‎browslifted‬. The shuttle got filled up eventually and we rode on. I was a bit disappointed I must say, I didn’t feel any effect, in fact, the fragrance was irritating.


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