use your seatbelt

Drivers now insist more than ever before that passengers use their seat belts (those who sit in front). We entered a cab driven by an old man. He insisted that the passenger sitting beside him use his seat belt. The next thing another passenger would say was “when did they start that one?”… Olopa ti bere si ni sise (Police has started working) he continued. Old man driver replied “Ise road safety ati VIO ni seatbelt” (it’s the duty of road safety and VIO to inspect the use of seatbelt not Police). He said this with such chagrin! A third said “ori won ni ko pe” (their head is not correct) lol. They all kept on with their conversation… I simply chipped in “all you need do is obey the laws and your work will go on”. Old man had this to say “Ti o ba ti ra moto, oti se gbogbo saara”(in resignation to ‘fate’) meaning from the first day you buy your car, know that you have signed in for all sorts- Policemen, Agbero and other future occurrences takes all the money you make as a transporter. Meanwhile, as I got down from the cab, one of the passenger started ‘excuse me’, I on the other hand was on a call (It was timely though), I have no time for rasmoboge(Bobo don see fine girl wey e wan chyke. hahaha). I crossed to the other side of the road without looking back, he kept on excusing me and I kept on responding to my call o.


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