drivers also do

I have now officially concluded that it’s not only writers who suffer from ‘blocks’; drivers also do! Or how do you explain a situation where you continuously reiterate ‘o wa’ ‘o wa’ but still get to be taken past your bus stop. The first cab driver did not hear me say I want to get down at a particular bus stop because he was grumbling for no just cause. “you people just think we can just be matching brake anyhow” he said. As if I knew he was going to say something silly, I immediately gave it back to him “when you get angry unnecessarily, you don’t listen to your customers when they talk”. One of the passengers nodded in agreement! The other cab I entered almost took me past my bus stop because he was busy looking out for other passengers to fill up the vacant seats in his car ‪#‎whatthe‬… Sometimes all you can do is just shake your head and conclude they are suffering from driver’s block or perhaps it’s the sun! By the way, remember the write up about the driver who revealed they pay some percentage on every high denomination they change at a garage in Ogba? I encountered him tonight, he gave me torn 50 naira again and I rejected it. He came with that same story, I remembered him instantly and just told him off. “That one na story. E no concern mi” I replied(Wasn’t in the mood).


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