It is bad enough that people get to hear the sound you make when you are trying to produce spittle or phlegm from your throat. It is however totally unacceptable that after producing, you spit it straight out through the vehicle window.

Even pedestrians are guilty of this act too. It upsets the sense of hearing and sight of others. Can you imagine having had a long day yesterday, I walked into the garage to board, and right in front of me, this guy (facing me) not minding my presence spat on the floor. I was irritated that I had to ask rhetorically “s’aboki le le yi ni?” (Is this one an ‘aboki’?) Now Aboki is a word used derogatorily in this part of the country for one who shows dirty or dumb character. He didn’t care though.

I boarded a cab then I saw him approaching the same cab. In my mind, I concluded I was going to alight if he’s going to board(he will be sitting right next to me if he did) Aaarrgh! Just then I realised he truly is an ‘aboki’ who helped another man in bringing his goods to the cab- You don’t want to know what the goods are- Water melon


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